Dec 242008
“Noisy Troubadour” by Stephen P. Anderson

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Noisy Troubadour - Stephen P. Anderson

Noisy Troubadour is a collection of 4-track & 8-track recordings in chronological order covering a 20 year span. Ballads, noise-scapes and instrumentals – fans of country, indie, electronica, sadcore, goth and folk can all find something here. These are demos and sketches which have been digitally remastered from their original source recordings.

  1. Slut Song 3:47
  2. Sanitary Stardust 1:42
  3. Black Glue 2:51
  4. Exciting 3:16
  5. I Learned Something 6:07
  6. Anyplace 2:43
  7. Lost Illusions 3:29
  8. Opposites Attack 1:31
  9. Someday We’ll Leave 4:02
  10. Asbestos Bomb 4:00
  11. Nobody Ever Knows Their Way 4:52
  12. It’s a Long Day 1:58
  13. Bleed to the Sea 1:57
  14. Aihoombah 3:28

What begins like a mantra from an indie rock yoga session and ends like the catchy electronica soundtrack of a Lexus commercial? Stephen P. Anderson’s (formerly of Zonic Shockum) “Aahioomba.”

Philadelphia City Paper
May 022007
“Blackbirds Over Lancaster” CD by Stephen P. Anderson

2007 Solo Album; Beef Eater Records

  1. Prelude
  2. Still, No Sound
  3. I Dont Know You
  4. Crash and Dream
  5. Someday Well Leave
  6. Opposites Attack
  7. Backward to Reverse
  8. Heart Full of Holes
  9. A Tragic Event
  10. Still, No Sound (Instrumental)

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Oct 281993

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board 2XCD

Zonic Shockum – “Dream Away

Recorded by Adam Lasus at Studio Red, Philadelphia
Written-By – John Williams (4), Williams*
©1993 Grass Records

Debbie Polak: Vocals
Steve Anderson: Guitar
Bob Fowler: Guitar
Ned Sonstein: Bass
Marc Sonstein: Drums

What do I know about Zonic Shockum? Jack shit.

-Penn Jillette, Chairman of the Board liner notes

Apr 041988
Stephen Anderson with Spiders Webb
Onstage with Spiders Webb at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia